Factories, Lanyards and Icebergs: A discussion of Trade Show - Elinor Morgan

Trade Show’ is an exhibition, research project and proposition. This essay documents its first iteration at Eastside Projects in Birmingham during 2013/14, describing and analysing some of the artworks commissioned and conversations that resulted from the exhibition. It looks at the context, both geographic and intellectual, within which ‘Trade Show’ was first seen. Like the project it articulates certain changes in local industry, the shape of international production and trade and the language of the global economy. It explores the roles of art and artists in economic activity.


Illustrated Brum - No guts no glory

"It was as if we were all fishmongers for the day..."

A review of the Birmingham Bullring Fishmongers Championship 2014


Gin & Innovation: Fish, Foresight and Frugality

The Centre for Innovative and Radical Fishmongery discussed on the new Gin & Innovation podcast, a periodic look into what's new, interesting and occasionally strange in the worlds of science, technology, innovation and policy. Hosted by Georgina Voss and Justin Pickard, the roughly hour-long discussion looks into topics as wide-ranging and radical fishmongery, Chinese e-bikes, Indian space exploration and frugal innovation, the semantics of foresight and the role of futurists.





Mark Sheerin - Bad At Sports

A review and interview of the Centre for Innovative and Radical Fishmongery by Mark Sheerin at Bad At Sports.


Sam Curtis / Lisa Armstrong

An interview by Lisa Armstrong for the Critical Fine Art Practice Grad Show 2013 at Brighton University.



Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica interview in the run up to Moving Image Art Fair. Read it here.


Katie Orr, Sam Curtis and Ismail Ali - Talk is Cheap

A conversation organised by Katie Orr as part of the participation programme at Gasworks. The conversation focuses on my practice and it's relationship to Seymour Arts, as well as Ismail's creative practice and how we have both worked within a turbulent artists collective.




Robert Dingle - Did anyone ever tell you that you're beautiful when you're following orders?

A short text written to accompany the work at it's screening at Art Rotterdam Projections 2013.



Steven Paige - Review of WEEKENDER Residency

An Interface review published on A-N's website.



Matthew Cornford - Takin’ it to the Streets

Matthew Cornford has written an article covering my work for the ixia Public Art Think Tank website. This article looks at unofficial public realm projects and the advantages of by-passing the the usual routes of commissioning and funding.





Joanne Lee - Exhibition Cancelled

An introductory text written by Joanne Lee about my project at BLANK Gallery.



Sam Curtis - Art’s contested use-value

Whilst late capitalism infiltrates the arena of ‘social justice’, how can we manage the role of art in a productive way? An exploration of use-value in art, non-art and stealth art practices.


Social Justice™


Frog Morris - Artist-Out-Of-Residence

Frog Morris talks about my involvement in his artist-in-residence programme at the Montague Arms.



Jennifer Copley

Jennifer Copley discusses generousity, collaboration and exploitation in relation to my practice after a few conversations we'd had. Jennifer is a curator and was studying on the MFA Curating course at Goldsmiths at the time.




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