Knives like fingers
Reclaimed fishing industry steel cables, pure nickel, O1 tool steel and spalted birch

Artist Sam Curtis has worked with Artisan Blacksmith Leszek Sikon to produce a fishmonger’s knife made from reclaimed steel cables from the fishing industry. Curtis gathered the opinions and experience of fishmongers to build up a design of the ideal knife looking at length and shape of blade, cutting edge and originality. The design draws on a fishmonger’s expression that through repeated movements and muscle memory, their knife becomes an extension of their fingers. Sikon then worked up this unique knife using a Damascus steel technique to forge weld layers of the reclaimed cable steel with pure nickel and O1 tool steel in the middle for the cutting edge. The finish on the blade is Sikon’s Coastal pattern, an intentionally visible remnant of the labour of layers and layers of steel forge welded over time.


Leszek Sikon

Leszek makes handcrafted bespoke knives and blacksmith products. Making hand forged knives and custom objects in only the highest quality materials is the core of his practice, precision in craft is fundamental. Nowadays shops are filled with mass made products that are cheap, disposable and poorly designed – customers have a hard time forming a connection to them. By combining modern design with tradition, he strives to create artworks (often in the form of knives) that speak of quality, in turn becoming precious to their owners.